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  • 01.01.2018: ATPDesigner is available in German Language since 4 months

  • 06.01.2017: ATPDesigner - base of GridProtect software
    • GridProtect is a powerful software tool to check protection relay schemes in electrical power networks.

  • 29.12.2016: ATPDesigner now supports the PISA format of the .pl4-files
    • The PISA format will be supported in ATPDesigner V4.00.52 and later granted by the Can/Am EMTP User Group.

  • 25.04.2016: ATPDesigner Change Documentation in German

  • 28.03.2016: ATPDesigner DropBox and OneDrive
    • Download the latest ATPDesigner release, manual, documentation, PDF, ...
    • Information how to update ATPDesigner
    • Information how to use time limited licenses
    • Continuously updated Change Documentation in German and in some weeks also in English
    • Video Clips to explain how to use ATPDesigner
    • Access to both cloud areas for licensed users only (use e-mail in Contact)

  • 07.03.2016: New Application Manual "Netzschutztechnik in ATPDesigner"
    • Protection Relaying Applications with ATPDesigner
    • Written in German
    • Version 1.0 can be downloaded

  • 08.02.2016: New ATPDesigner Release 4.00.00 available
    • Most important improvements and new features
      • Line type Multi Line
      • Ground Fault Protection
      • Protective Signaling for Distance Protection and Overcurrent Protection
      • Underimpedance Detection for Distance Protection
      • Fuse: Tripping characteristic digitized and stored in .csv-files
      • User specific descriptions for each network element displayed in a tooltip
      • Read more in the Update Documentation V4.00.00

Distance Protection - Tripping Schedule

Update for Licensed Users

  • Start Download via ATPDesigner menu HELP + WEB SERVICES + DOWNLOAD UPDATE or

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Frequently asked Questions Frequently asked Questions

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ATPDesigner - New User Interface
ATPDesigner - New User Interface
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ATPDesigner - Diagram View